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Many, but not all, of the negatives in the Billy E. Barnes Collection have corresponding proof sheets—a photographic print made by contact printing negatives so that all the exposures made on a roll of film may be examined. Barnes organized proof sheets by topical categories, the names of which he recorded on his “Photographer’s Log.” In the online record for an individual image, the category for its corresponding proof sheet is displayed in the field “Photographer’s Proof Sheet Category.”

The first drop-down menu below lists those categories represented by images included in this online collection. Selecting a subject area from the list and clicking on “Go” will execute a search on that field. The remaining drop-down lists are subsets of the main drop-down list that have been grouped together into related categories.

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A principle activity of the North Carolina Fund was the awarding of grants to eleven community-based projects selected from fifty-one proposals representing sixty-six counties. The selected projects, known as Community Action Programs, were (with its headquarters):

  • Charlotte Area Fund, Inc. (Charlotte)
  • Choanoke Area Development Association Economic Opportunity Division (Murfreesboro)
  • Craven Operation Progress, Inc. (New Bern)
  • Experiment in Self Reliance, Inc. (Winston-Salem)
  • Macon Program for Progress, Inc. (Franklin)
  • Nash-Edgecombe Economic Development, Inc. (Rocky Mount)
  • Operation Breakthrough, Inc. (Durham)
  • The Opportunity Corporation (Asheville)
  • Salisbury-Rowan Community Service Council, Inc. (Salisbury)
  • Tri-County Community Action, Inc. (Rockingham)
  • WAMY Community Action, Inc. (Boone; WAMY = Watauga, Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey counties)

Barnes filed some proof sheets by various activities or components of the North Carolina Fund, including:

Community Action Technicians
“Sub-professionals” trained by the North Carolina Fund to assist planning, implementing, and coordinating community action programs.
Neighborhood Youth Corps
A federal program created as part of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 to provide work for economically disadvantaged youth aged 16 to 21 while training for a job.
North Carolina Volunteers
During the summers of 1964 and 1965, the North Carolina Fund recruited and then trained college students known as “North Carolina Volunteers” to participate in community service.
On-site visits
Between February 19 and March 20, 1964, teams comprised of members of the North Carolina Fund Board of Trustees and staff traveled to each of the fifty-one communities that submitted proposals for consideration. Photographs in this category document those visitations.

Barnes filed some proof sheets by the topic covered rather than where he made the photographs.

Barnes filed some proof sheets by the name of the place where the photographer made the photographs rather than a topic. Selecting a place name from the list and clicking on “Go” will execute a search on that place name, but only in the “Photographer’s Proof Sheet Category” field. The results, therefore, will be only those images found on proof sheets filed by place name, not all the images that may be in the collection for that place.

Please note: if you want to find all the photographs made at a given location, conduct your search using the field “Geographic Location”; for images of a place, search using the field “Subject Geographical.” For example, a photograph of a meeting in Durham, while made there, does not depict Durham in the manner that a street scene does. A photograph of a meeting in Durham would not have a geographical subject entry.

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