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A View to Hugh

Screenshot from the Morton processing blog

The Hugh Morton Collection of Photographs and Films (Collection P081, North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, Wilson Library) documents Hugh MacRae Morton's career covering eight decades (1930s-2000s) as a prominent North Carolina businessman, political figure, tourism booster, conservationist, environmental activist, sports fan, and prolific image-maker. The still images and motion pictures in the collection cover aspects of Morton's various involvements: as a photojournalist; a soldier in the Pacific Theater during World War II; the owner and operator of the Grandfather Mountain tourist attraction in Linville, N.C.; a well-known figure in state government and friend of many North Carolina politicians, entertainers, and media personalities; an alumni, booster, and frequent sports-event attendee of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and an ardent admirer of nature and lover of travel.

This digital collection contains a selection of still photographs from Hugh Morton’s portfolio, representing only a small portion of the estimated 250,000 items in the Hugh Morton Photographs and Films. Wilson Library staff invites photo identifications, comments, questions, and suggestions for the Morton digital collection. Please fill out our online feedback form.

A blog entitled A View to Hugh documents the processing of this collection, highlights selected images and themes, and encourages reader comments and discussion. In addition, an archival finding aid provides more detailed descriptive access to the items in the Morton collection. Users are encouraged to consult the blog and the finding aid for more information about Hugh Morton and his work, and to locate additional subjects, people, and locales represented in this ccllection.


Searching the Collection

This project presents several different options for browsing, searching for, and discovering Hugh Morton images. To conduct a simple keyword search, use the search box located in the upper right corner. Enter terms in this search box and click "Search" to retrieve every image in the collection that has those terms somewhere in the catalog record. To conduct a more specific search, use the Advanced Search option, taking advantage of the terms in the fields listed under Cataloging Information below. Please note that the default setting for Advanced Search includes all of the digital collections at UNC-Chapel Hill. To limit an Advanced Search to the Hugh Morton Collection, click on "clear all" and select the Morton collection from the list.

Morton images can also be browsed using four different options (Name, Location, Subject, and Decade) derived from the descriptive fields below.


Cataloging Information

Every image in the Hugh Morton digital collection is described using a standard set of descriptive fields, which are described below. Not every field listed is used for every image. Users can search for information in specific fields by going to the UNC Library Digital Collections search page and clicking on "Selected Fields."

The Title of the image is most often supplied by the cataloger, but in some instances the title comes from information provided by the photographer. Whenever a title is supplied by the photographer, it is given in quotation marks.

The Description field is a more detailed description of the image than is provided in the title, and again, is usually supplied by the cataloger. In cases where the description is taken from or supplemented with information provided by the photographer, that text is given in quotation marks.

The Date is determined from a number of different clues, including information provided by the photographer, the format of the film, and contextual clues in the image itself. The majority of images in the Morton Collection do not have exact dates associated. A date range has been estimated when a precise date could not be determined.

The Subject (tgm) field contains terms describing the content of the image, drawn from a standard vocabulary of subject terms from the Thesaurus for Graphic Materials, developed by the Library of Congress.

The Subject Topical field lists broad subject headings that describe the content of the image in general, or that are not covered by the standard terms used in the subject field (above).

The Subject Name field lists the proper names of businesses, individuals, or institutions pictured in the image. Not every business or person has been listed here; rather, only those names likely to appear in a number of images are listed in this field. The subjects listed in this field are, for the most part, described according to standards developed by the Library of Congress.

The Subject Geographic field lists the locations depicted in the image. Whenever possible, both the city or town and the county are listed. The places listed in this field are described according to standards developed by the Library of Congress.

The Subseries field contains the numeric designation of the subseries under which an item can be found in the Morton collection finding aid.

The Related Resource field refers to other resources where users can find more information about an image. This field will sometimes link to a post from the View to Hugh blog, or it may refer to a page number from one of Morton's photography books: Making a Difference in North Carolina (1988); Sixty Years with a Camera (1996); Hugh Morton's North Carolina (2003); or Hugh Morton, North Carolina Photographer (2006).

The Form General field is a broad description of genre or type of resource; in this collection, it will always be “Photograph” or “Motion Picture.”

The Form Specific and Size of Original fields contain finer-level description of the photographic format of the original from which the digital scan was derived, indicating black-and-white or color, positive or negative, print or transparency, and dimensions.

The Filename field contains the unique file name of the digital scan (in TIFF format) from which the display image was derived. Users requesting reproductions should refer to this unique identifier.


Permissions and Reproductions

Copyright to the Hugh Morton Photographs and Films is retained by the North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library. The images in this collection are made available for use in research, private study, and teaching. Prior permission from the North Carolina Collection is required before they may be used for any commercial purpose. Please see the North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives pages on Conditions for Use and Requesting Reproductions for information about obtaining permission and ordering high-resolution digital images or prints of materials in the Hugh Morton Collection.



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